Fees (Click for more info)

Club Membership Costs:

£20 per annum for Competitive Members

+ £5 Joining Fee.

£10 per annum for Non Competitive Members

+£5 Joining Fee.

Day Memberships Available:

£5 for Competitive Members

£3 for Non Competitive Members

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Classes (Click for more info)

We have 2 different classes.

Class One: Vehicles with a wheelbase from 50″ to and not exceeding 87″

Class Two: Vehicles with a wheelbase over 87″.

 Minnimum wheelbase for all Classes is 50″

We also recommend your vehicle is fitted with a fire extinguisher and SAFETY CAGE

Just in-case it goes a bit wrong!!

Scoring (Click for more info)

1. Competitors must line up with front bumper at the section marker at gate 12 unless otherwise directed by the individual event rules.

2. Vehicle occupants must be wearing seat belts,arm’s must be in side the vehicle at all times whilst on the section. and no smoking. 12 points penalty if caught contravening either rule in section.
NB Passengers minimum age 14 and members please.

3. Once the leading hub has crossed the line between gate markers the competitor will be deemed to have started the section.

4. If any part of the vehicle touches any marker post the penalty is that shown on that gate touched, i.e. if post 10, or gate marker opposite 10 is touched the penalty is 10.

5. If the vehicle fails to maintain forward motion, then the penalty is that shown on the next gate, however, if one hub is through the next gate, it is the lower point to be taken.

6. One shunt is allowed for vehicles over 95″ wheelbase (e.g. Range Rovers, LWB Land Rovers etc, standard length bodywork) provided the position of the shunt is given to the start Marshall before entering the section.

7. Shunting may also be allowed for Novice vehicles, one shunt per gate, to be charged at 1 point extra per shunt, no prior nomination to be given. These points are in addition to other penalty points. Score to be indicated gate/shunts e.g. 10/2. Novice and ‘non damaging’ gates 12-7 inclusive, but may nominate to continue if they so wish. The score cards for novices are coloured.

8. If a vehicle touches or crosses a boundary tape or marker it attracts the penalty of the next gate.

9. If a vehicle crosses it’s own tracks, it attracts the penalty of the next gate.

10. The natural boundary is the driving line on the shortest route from gate to gate, other than that indicated by boundary markers or tape. (This rule must be operated with discretion and regard for the ground condition, i.e. deep ruts, trees etc).

11. A vehicle will be deemed to have cleared the section (0 penalty) when it comes to rest with at least one hub past the ’1′ gates, if however the vehicle carries on without stopping and in so doing touches either ’1′ marker, the penalty is 1.

12. If an entrant feels that the severity of the section is beyond their driving abilities, they must STOP. You are not to be forced into a dangerous situation. Motor Sport can be dangerous.

13. Entries on scorecards to be made by score Marshall’s only.

14. Entrants are responsible for seeing that entries are made correctly.

15. Results will be displayed at the end of the event.

16. Completed scorecard to be handed in on completion of last section.

Click Below for a Diagram of the Penalty System

Scrutineering (Click for more info)

At the beginning of each event you will need to get your motor checked by the scrutineers below is a list of things they will check your motor for:



If you get a cross against 13-20 you will have until the next trial to get it fixed.

SR's (Click for more info)

Supplementary Regulations

(2015) D9.1 Held under the General Regulations of The Motor Sports Association (incorporating the
provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA) and these Supplementary Regulations.

Organised by Northern Counties Off Road Triallers Club. RAC MSA Permit No .
The event is open to all members of NCORT Club, and Pennine Land Rover Club. Entries will only be accepted on the morning of the event. All crew entrants must state their age if under 18 years and all declarations shall be counter signed by that person’s parent or guardian at the time of signing on.
The entry fee is £ 20.00.
P.24.3.1. All drivers must be 16 years or older and present either a valid provisional/full driving licence for a Category B vehicle at the time of signing on or proof of ID with age. Drivers without a full RTA licence must have a co-driver with a current FULL RTA licence and cross country trials experience in the passenger seat. P.24.4 The vehicle may only be driven between sections by the crew member holding the full RTA licence.

There is no minimum but the maximum number of entries is the first 60, only club members or members of invited clubs may enter. If a class should exceed 14 entrants the organisers reserve the right to divide the class as outlined in the club rules. Should the event be cancelled, or re-sited the Club will try to contact members by phone from the details provided by the members.
Scrutineering to take place on the day of the event, on site from 8.00 hrs. Last entry for scrutineering and inclusion in this round’s competition results is 09.30 hrs.
Drivers and Marshall meeting at 09.50 hrs. Event to start at 10.00 hrs prompt. The event is a round of the club championship and is a trial for 4x4 vehicles over a number of sections to be laid out with respect to the land available. There is no use of public roads, the event is entirely on private land. There are no timed sections. Each vehicle to start at gate 12 on each section, with drawn running order on the morning of the event.

No practising is allowed on site or on the sections. There is a mandatory site speed limit of 15 MPH other than in observed sections. No “Babcross” or “ Maxicross” type tyres allowed.
D.17.1 the same vehicle may be entered more than once by separate entrants.
J.5.3.5 is amended to allow inward facing rear seats, which may not be used, as the passenger must be seated alongside the driver.

J.5.4.1 any induction pressure is allowed.
J.5.14.3 is amended to allow the non requirement of lights.
J.5.20.4. is amended as to only allow non-requirement of bumpers or spare wheel,
.5. is amended so as to allow the carriage, but not use whilst in a section of cameras / videos,
.6. is deleted,

.8. a windscreen is not a requirement.
P.1.2.3. is amended to allow entrants to recover one another if needed. There will not be an Official Recovery Team. There will be no Live Recovery.
P.24.7.1.The classes are defined in the Club Rules, i.e. 1, 2, 3 with consideration to Novice Class and Ladies class if sufficient entries are received.

P.25.1 Recommends that competitors wear approved crash helmets see (K10), goggles or
visors to protect their eyes, and clothing which covers the arms, legs and torso up to the neck. The use of gloves and flame resistant clothing is strongly recommended. NB The MSA state “the use of a non-approved helmet, even though it is only a recommendation, is not allowed.”
P.25.1.3 The wearing of seat belts is a club requirement and shall be fitted and worn by driver / passenger as designed by the belt manufacturer when in section.
K 2.1.1 recommends a minimum of 3 point seat belt
P.41.1.1 Minimum tyre pressure 15 PSI.
.1.2 Only one passenger may be carried in a forward facing seat alongside the driver,
.1.3 must be a minimum of 14 years of age. If the passenger is under 16 years of age the vehicle must be fitted
with a manufacturer’s hard top, a truck cab, or a roll-bar and remain properly seated along side the driver throughout all Observed Sections. All crew entrants must state their age if under 18 years and all declarations shall be counter signed by that person’s parent or guardian whose full names and address shall be given on the entry form.
P.41.2.3 display of numbers is relaxed to allow non-display.
P.42.2.2 as per the Club Rules. Vehicles over 100” wheel base and unmodified body panels are allowed a single specified shunt without penalty.
Entrant’s vehicles must comply with P56.1.to 56.11.. 56.7.1. a spare wheel is not required.
P.59.1 Recommends minimum rollover protection K Appendix 2.to drawing 1.
K.3 a fire extinguisher/system must be carried on the vehicle and be capable of being operated by the driver when normally seated. Minimum specification Appendix 1 Table3 p176 hand held AFFF 1.75 litre.
P.60.1 is deleted and replaced by the Club Rules.
60.2.1 is amended in respect of lighting requirements, windscreen and rear view mirrors not being needed and wheels being allowed to protrude beyond the wings.
60.3 are deleted and replaced by the Club Rules.
There are no “pit” areas specifically provided.
Prizes will be awarded in the form of trophies in each class.
The Secretary of the Meeting and Clerk of the Course is .
The Scrutineer is James Sunderland.
The Club Steward is Peter Jones.
The results will be displayed adjacent to the Club Cabin for 15 minutes after the event. If no protests are received within that time, the results will be taken as permanent and published in the next newsletter after the event.
Trophies if required will be distributed at the next meeting, any trophies not collected are available for collection from the Club by prior appointment.
Protests are governed by the MSA regulations as published in the Yearbook, a copy of which is available for inspection, but not removal, from the Club Secretary.
Copies of the Competitors Yearbook may be obtained from, Sales Dept, Motor Sports Association, Colnbrook, SL3 0HG. Or on-line from www.msauk.org price £ 31.00. Or in PDF format from the Chairman. Reading this document is essential if you wish to be sure of meeting the regulations under which you are allowed to enter motor sport events governed by the MSA Ltd.